Olives et Al have put the sunshine back into the British winter this season – they do amazing olives, spicy Dukkah and Tapenade Provencale,  just three of their tempting treats.

If your salads have been looking limp and loveless lately, how about these exotic solutions:  a drizzle of Pink Mojito, inspired by the Cayman Islands or a splash of Orange & Shallot?

Too many good things to talk about here, so why not take a mini global food trip at www.olivesetal.co.uk   and drool over their other delights….meanwhile, we love their BIG HUGE HAMPER £45, and if you’re an onion marmalade lover,  look no further – this STICKY ONION MARMALADE  is 650g of incredible unctuousness for £6.50.  (PS:  if you’ve never heard of Rosemary & Sea Salt Reganas you’ll spot them in the pic!)