These little lovelies are “snow dusted” shiny hand-moulded festive caramels and there are 12 in this box – one for each of the 12 Days of Christmas!  If you’re thinking along traditional caramel lines, these are very different! The CRANBERRY has a smooth caramel filling enriched with a fruity cranberry, the SPICED APPLE (a “Great Taste” award winner) blends gently roasted cinnamon and sweet heritage apples….like a delicate puree of spiced apples wearing a silky chocolatey coat. And MIXED CITRUS, a burst of Christmas cheer, all encapsulated into one rotund little caramel. Orange, mandarin and tangerine Yuletide heaven.

Made with ripe winter fruit, and rich Jersey cream, these are part of Demarquette’s eclectic artisan collection.

Discover the collection DEMARQUETTE here, and find DEMARQUETTE here.

Marc Demarquette, the most awarded UK Chocolatier of 2010.