We love new food-related ideas…and we love offers!  So read on, coffee connoisseurs because today’s post is about clever coffee. Does an artisan blend that you blended online sound good? And what if it  then winged its way to you?  No sitting in warehouses or supermarket shelves…super fresh, personalised, Fairtrade – and very good!

1)  Head over to www.eightpointnine.com

2) Tell them how you like your coffee – you “click and slide” along the coffee-ometer to get the coffee mix/fix you like (indicating light/mellow/rich and fresh/sweet/spicy – the sort of flavours and body and mouth feel you prefer)

3) Give your coffee a name (ours is Shortlist Sweetie – rich and sweet!)

4) Select espresso/filter/cafetiere/just beans

5) Place order

6) Check your letterbox – the 150g pack is flat, so it fits most letterboxes.

Artfully-blended coffee, rushed to your door.  £5.89 a box (makes approx. 16 cups).

USE  the code “SHORTLIST” when you place your order and not only will you get the 1st box free, the 2nd will be half price.

What are we drinking? “Shortlist Sweetie” –  cafetiere, and it’s rich, sweet, 96% Colombian, 2% Brazilian, 2% Costa Rican.

(Or use their GrandCru service and they’ll send you their choice of top quality world coffee blend each week!)