The best thing about being a food and travel journalist is spreading the word about the best of both those worlds…

That late night spicy chicken soup by the fireside in a rural riad 5 miles from Fez airport just three and a half hours after boarding the plane at Stansted.  (This is where I stayed and it’s an absolute gem: Riad Le Ksar De Fes – go, and you’ll soon know why it’s a TripAdvisor Traveller’s Choice Winner 2011 – it’s wonderful. )

The simple Greek salad you had on a quiet beach in Corfu (there are a few left) that you try to replicate once you get home.   The feta isn’t quite creamy enough, the oregano not quite as fresh, and Schwarzenegger-size tomatoes aren’t easy to find in the UK, but you still manage to rustle up something to transport you back to that beach taverna where the waves stole your flip-flops when you weren’t looking.

Fast food is like fast living – blink and it’s gone.  Inhaled mindlessly in front of a plasma screen, it’s just diesel for the digestion.  But slow food? Slow food has people and stories behind it. The mushroom pickers in Tuscany*, the olive harvesters in Kalamata, the Arab traders who brought spices to Europe. The Aztecs, purveyors of the very first hot chocolate which they called “chocolatl”, a heady concoction of ground cacao and spices.  (It was bitter so the Spanish added sugar to the mix later).

I hope you enjoy the blog wherever you’re reading this.  It’s a bit of a random mix of recipes, travel tales, news and food reviews…a sort of deli-style showcase of tips and treats and good things to eat which are easy to make. A place where we’ll be visiting all sorts of corners of the world as the weeks go by…and discovering the “best of” the food world.

The Food Shortlist kicks off with a spotlight on fabulous foods from indie UK producers in “BEST OF BRITISH” which starts in May.  Enjoy!

Kali Orexi and Bon Apetit,

Fiona Klonarides

*Speaking of Tuscan mushrooms… here’s a quick and easy recipe by mushroom lover Antonio Carluccio:

Greek salad €5.00. The view is free. Photo of Crete by Tony Le Brocq – more photos of Greece by Tony le Brocq