Thank you so much to all of you who followed @FoodShortlist to help raise funds for Action Against Hunger during their Love Food Give Food 2011 campaign.  For every person who followed Food Shortlist on Twitter, we gave 5p to the charity.  In the end, we donated £110 and couldn’t have done it without you.  A copy of their letter to Food Shortlist is below and we hope to repeat the fundraising drive again next year…or perhaps over Christmas!

Thank you for being a part of Love Food Give Food 2011

Dear Fiona and The Food Shortlist team,

From everyone here at Action Against Hunger thank you very much for the fantastic work that has been put in to raising £110.00 for Love Food Give Food 2011. Please find attached to this email a copy of your receipt.

With 90 pence from every £1 raised going directly to our field programmes, you have made a real difference to Action Against Hunger’s life-saving work.

Each year, we help more than 5 million people in more than 40 countries. We could not do this without the valuable support from people like you.

So far in 2011 nearly 550,000 people in the Horn of Africa food crisis have been supported by Action Against Hunger’s teams. With your help the money raised through Love Food Give Food will continue to help support the work that is going on, not only in the Horn of Africa but in over 40 countries worldwide.

Without the support and hard work of you and your team this life saving work would not be achievable.

A HUGE THANK YOU for taking part and fundraising for Action Against Hunger.

Kind Regards,

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Jean-Michel Grand

Action Against Hunger UK Executive Director

the food shortlist


“THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO FOLLOWED @FoodShortlist on Twitter throughout September.

Food Shortlist donated £110 to ACTION AGAINST HUNGER and we may do it again in the run up to Christmas! “

                                                                                                                                   Fiona Klonarides, Editor, The Food Shortlist

For Immediate Release                                                                                        

London, 8 September 2011


Food Shortlist Launches Twitter “5p FOLLOW” Drive for Action Against Hunger

@FoodShortlist will donate 5p-a-follower to the hunger charity until September 30th

Food blog The Food Shortlist is raising funds for Action Against Hunger @ACF_UK through a new “5p Follow” drive to help the international humanitarian hunger charity. For each new follower until September 30th, @Food Shortlist will give 5p to the charity.

Fiona Klonarides, founding editor of The Food Shortlist says: “We’ve spotlighted so many inspirational artisan food producers since we launched in February, particularly during “Best of British” earlier this year. But I wanted to find a way of making The Food Shortlist a vehicle for raising funds for a food charity, so with our “5p Follow” Twitter drive we’ll give 5 pence to Action Against Hunger for each and every new follower from now until the end of September.

“I’m not asking anyone to donate or “match” our fund raising, although that would be fantastic.  All they have to do is follow @FoodShortlist between now and the end of the month, and spread the word.  Most of us here in the UK are lucky enough to not have to go without, but in other parts of the world the hunger situation is catastrophic – not least in East Africa. We live in a very unbalanced world so trying to help tip the balance back in the right direction may be a small drop in the ocean but it’s better than doing nothing.”

And it couldn’t be easier – just follow @FoodShortlist – “simples”!!/foodshortlist!/ACF_UK

Editor’s Notes

Food and beauty journalist Fiona Klonarides founded The Food Shortlist, A Diary of Deliciousness, Food News, Recipes and Reviews, in February.

Action Against Hunger Founded 30 years ago, ACF International/Action Against Hunger is an international humanitarian organisation committed to ending child hunger.  It saves the lives of malnourished children while providing communities with access to safe water and sustainable solutions to hunger, running programmes in over 40 countries benefitting 5 million people a year.

Press contact: For more information or images, contact Fiona Klonarides/The Food Shortlist on Twitter @FoodShortlist